The first breakout session

“It’s going to be a musical!” cried the Irishman. “You haven’t heard my voice yet,” retorted a colleague. If you hadn’t been around for the beginning of this session you might have believed for a minute that you had walked in to a West End audition.

Alas this is one of the break out sessions for new initiatives on media inclusiveness and the ‘musical’ they are discussing is not headed for Shaftesbury Avenue, but an idea to help communicate media inclusiveness in the classroom.

Engaging students and faculties in understanding ethnic diversity was the hot topic in today’s session and the banter was electric as media educators and journalists crashed heads to think up new directions to make the media more accessible.

One of the most popular ideas from the first session was a study to monitor how female politicians were interviewed by broadcasters. Participants believed that many questions asked were either irrelevant or unnecessarily personal. But it wasn’t the research process that had the whole room in stitches; it was the way that would communicate their findings.

One media professional believed that small comedy video sketches portraying the roles of males and females reversed would be the key to making people question. A journalist asking a male politician how he manages to juggle his personal life with family life would be enough to make people think. And that’s what creates change—according to the collaborators today.

With the giggling in the room becoming infectious the ideas began to thrive and by the end of the session a plan for change was nearly concrete.


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