Mukti Jain Campion: Journalism needs curiosity to be more inclusive

Journalism needs more curiosity rather than a tick-box approach to diversity in the media, said Mukti Jain Campion, founder of Culture Wise.

Speaking at the start of the second day of the MEDIANE London Encounter, Campion said journalists have to start with the story itself and engage with people at that very basic level.

“We are very bad at that”, said Campion, “we are trained by the media we grew up with to go for the most extreme.” She told the audience it’s important to think about the stories they decide to put out there, about how they are chosen and what they reflect.

“Think about absences, because the audience doesn’t.” She said journalists should ask who the missing voices are and how can they turn their curiosity and find stories that bring in some of those missing voices.

Campion said journalists should look for stories in places where other people don’t bother, and to look for connections. In her programmes, she “brings people into the same room” that wouldn’t have met otherwise. She told MEDIANE participants it’s the best way to think about diversity.

The tick-box approach always fails because it depends on one or two motivated people at the top who could leave at any time, according to Campion. She spoke against taking interesting people into an organisation and then stopping them from being interesting. “It’s not going to change until we change the way people look at stories.”

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