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Mediane UK Conference – the highlights

Following the three day event at City University in London, delegates tell the team about their conference experience


Mary Honeyball MEP: media diversity inclusiveness

Mary Honeyball MEP talks gender issues, diversity inclusiveness in the media, and quotas ahead of her presentation at MEDIANE. A detailed report of the session can be found here.

Coming up – Mary Honeyball MEP

We’re delighted that Mary Honeyball, Labour MEP for London will be addressing the conference shortly. Catalina and Ariana managed to catch up with her…see the results in a bit!

‘Diversity Inclusiveness in Media’ with Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques, freelance writer at The Guardian, discusses the barriers  that the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community still faces in the media world. In this short clip, Juliet mentions how diversity inclusiveness could help form a more integrated community and welcome a larger variety of points of view. Watch the video to learn more!

Inger K. Larsen – why do people become homeless?

As part of this mornings break out sessions, Inger K. Larsen, Associate Professor in TV journalism, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Århus, Denmark, spoke about a film her students made about issues around homelessness and inclusion in society.



Professor Larsen also showed a film tackling the issue of HIV and young people.

‘What do you hope to learn?’ with Anne-Claire Orban

Mediane Day 2: What’s coming up

Welcome to day two of the Mediane Conference in London The three day conference aims to discuss diversity inclusiveness in journalism, media training and literacy. After a full afternoon yesterday we hope to bring you video interviews, live blogs, articles and a Twitter feed. Please follow our hashtag #mediane_uk and check out the rest of the site.

Time for reflections: Mediane Day 1

Delegates share one thing they learnt at the end of day one at the Mediane Conference at City University, London.


‘What do you hope to learn?’ with Bill Hinchberger

Video Interview: Nico Drok

Nico Drok believes that journalism is in a transition phase towards a “networked” society, where not only journalists have information but everyone exchanges journalism. This might offer new opportunities to include more people like ethnic minorities or women.

Watch the video to learn more: