The Team

We thought you’d like to know a little bit about the people who are bringing you the news and all the social media content from across the Mediane conference at City University in London…

Lisette Johnston is a PhD student in journalism studies, specialising in user generated content at the BBC in relation to the Syria conflict. When she’s not studying hard, she works as a senior producer at BBC World News TV and tweets @lisettejohnston

Catalina Albeanu had just finished her undergraduate journalism degree at City University. A Romanian expat and coffee lover she thinks all tech is cool. Her portfolio is here and she tweets @catalinacma

Ariana Perez is a second year journalism undergraduate at City. A passionate photographer and traveler she is also a PR & social media coordinator. Her portfolio is here and she tweets @arianap810

Aurelia Seidlhofer has just completed her BA Journalism degree. She has experience as a Tech City reporter and likes statistics, travel and art. Her portfolio is here and she tweets in English and German @aurelia_sf

Benjy Potter is a final year student in journalism at City and freelances for The Daily Telegraph, Daily Star and Us Weekly. He can be found tweeting @BenjysBanter





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